TEL: +34 952 771 798

Welcome to Alba By Serafina


Alba By Serafina strives to create the perfect blend of the vital factors of a dining experience, Service, Atmosphere and of course the Food. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the door your experience should be nothing less than excellent, where the sophisticated atmosphere speaks for itself, where the waiters are eager to assist you, and where the food completes you.

The restaurant

Alba By Serafina creates a modern oasis inside a walled terrace creating a private yet romantic scene. The restaurant is designed to make the most of the Spanish weather featuring a retractable conservatory roof, along with full sliding doors, allowing the cool summer nights to be enjoyed to the fullest.

A sophisticated wine list and varied menu shines light on the passion and attention to detail made by the Staff and importantly the owners. The kitchen boasts brand new state of the art equipment which in combination with the highest quality ingredients ensures that every bite you take should leave you wanting another.

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